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Jean-Paul Skeete

Dr Jean-Paul Skeete


Cardiff Business School

+44 29225 10879
Aberconway Building, Floor 5th, Room Room F22A, Colum Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3EU
Available for postgraduate supervision


Hi there!

I specialize in Logistics and Operations Management, and my expertise extends to technology-dense supply chains in key sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor industries.

I am particularly interested in the resilience of these supply chains, focusing on aspects like cybersecurity, critical materials and inputs, and the associated geopolitics.

My research interests also encompass socio-technical transition and disruptive innovation theoretical frameworks, which provide a deeper understanding of industry dynamics.

Additionally, I delve into the application of artificial intelligence across various economic sectors, analysing the externalities and integration challenges, as well as policy responses and public good impacts related to AI.

My academic pursuits include qualitative action research for innovation management, emphasizing automation, electrification of transportation technologies, and the dynamics of digital platforms and open innovation business models.

This diverse range of interests underscores my comprehensive approach to understanding and teaching the complexities of modern logistics and operations management.









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2023-2024: I have jumped into the world of semiconductor supply chain research, collaborating with government and industry across the world, looking at how this technology intersects with EVs, national security, cyber security and the global AI "arms race".

2022: I have been exploring digital platform business models, and how when applied to cyber-physical sectors such as automotive, then circular economies begin to resemble vertically integrated monopolies. Also expanding my technology and business model research into the defense and video game industries.

I worked on various electric vehicle and blockchain project collaborations in various industries.

2018-2021: 3 year postdoc at the Cardiff Business School, where my workpackage was specifically tasked with assessing the socio-economic impact of end-of-life electric vehicles (ELEVs) in the UK.

Research Design: My theoretical outlook is inspired by several "Schumpeterian" variants of creative destruction such as Creative Accumilation, Disruptive Innovation and the Multi-Level Perspective, when assessing sociotechnical transitions. My qualitative methods of analysis usually revolve around Thematic Coding and some Process Tracing.


The main module I teach is Digital Supply Chains which covers many modern aspects of supply chain analysis and management.


2022-2024: Over the past two years, I have jumped into research collaborations with digital platforms that use AI and Blockchain, the Defence industry as well as well as the Semiconductor industry.

2021: On the 1st of January 2021 I was appoint one of Cardiff's newest full time Lecturers in the Logistics and Operations Management section of the Business School. What an honour!

Previously: I landed my very first postdoc at the excellent Cardiff University (Business School) under Prof. Peter Wells. It was a substantial 3 year project that was inter and multi-disciplinary, involving several universities. We looked at all aspects of the Reuse and Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries (ReLiB). For more info:

PhD: I took a very exciting deep-dive into the EU automotive industry exploring topics from autonomous vehicles, to the diesel scandal and even how Formula One motorsport enables automakers to build cleaner cars. I am very proud of the work I did at the University of York, and it is mostly due to my supervisors  Prof. Neil Carter, and Dr. Samarthia Thankappan, who are really the best. I sucessfully published all 4 of my main thesis chapters in various well-regarded journals.

M.Sc.: This is where my love of research and sustainability began, while undertaking a Masters in International Trade Policy at the University of the West Indies in Barbados. Working on the (then) NAFTA environmental side-agreement was the spark that has propelled me to where I am today.

Academic positions

  • 2021:                      Cardiff University - Lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management
  • 2018 - 2020: Cardiff University - Post Doctoral Research Associate (Faraday Institution Research Fellow)
  • 2014 - 2018:           University of York: PhD in Environment and Politics

Committees and reviewing

Journal Reviewer, Technological Forecasting and Social Change


Mostly dealing with advanced technologies in sociotechnical systems or supply chains. I am flexible and open minded. Just contact me :D

Current supervision

Jianhao Yang

Jianhao Yang

Graduate Tutor

Osayd Helal

Osayd Helal

Research student


  • Automotive Supply Chains
  • Semiconductor Supply Chains
  • AI commercial applications
  • Multinational Corporation Supply Chains
  • Sociotechnical Systems