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Joseph Newton   BSc MSc

Mr Joseph Newton


Graduate Tutor

School of Psychology

Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Our research has a primary focus on the effect that social exclusion has on the adolescent brain. To try to answer this research question we are specifically focussed on three main areas: (social) risk-taking, reward processing and social influence. This research promises to contribute significantly to our understanding of how social exclusion shapes adolescent decision-making processes, particularly in the realms of financial, health, and social risk assessment.

To answer our research question, we are using a combination of experimental techniques that include behavioural measures and computational modelling, as well as working collaboratively with other researchers outside of our department. We are always currently undergoing a substantial meta-analysis on the link between social exclusion and risk-taking.

Should you have any questions/ suggestions/ comments, do feel free to email.




Our research examines higher order cognitive effects of social exclusion. We are investigating the effects of ostracism on cognition, in areas such as working memory, mental model construction and risky decision making. 

I am a member of several lab groups:

  • Social Psychology
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Understanding Risk Group


I am a current Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for year one undergraduates, and am a previous Postgraduate tutor. I have advised second year research projects, as well as having taught and marked work for several classes on topics such as essay writing, statistics, persuasion, biological psychology and individual differences.



  • Aberystwyth University: BSc 
  • Cardiff University: MSc 
  • Purdue University: Visiting Scholar to the lab of distinguished Professor Kipling D. Williams
  • Cardif University: PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Academic positions

2020 - 2021: Postgraduate Tutor, Cardiff University

2021 - Present: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cardiff University

Research themes


  • Cognition
  • Behavioural economics
  • Behavioural neuroscience